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Is it possible to make a profit while improving pizza quality and keeping prices moderate at the same time? To tell you the truth, we don't know yet.

Dodo Pizza Oxford is an experiment. If you're interested in the pizza business, you can follow this experiment with us. Since our cash register is connected to our digital cloud, we get Dodo Pizza Oxford sales in real time—and can update the numbers online immediately.

Dodo Pizza Sales Online, Oxford, MS

Today at 04:29 p.m.
Orders: 17
Avg. check: $18
Last Sunday at the same time
Orders:  19
Avg. check: $22
All day sales: $1146
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Hourly sales today and same day last week

00:01 a.m.
11:59 p.m.
04:29 p.m.

Daily sales

Day average: $1877
Avg. check: $31
Day average: $1489
Avg. check: $29
Day average: $1506
Avg. check: $28

We strongly believe that transparency brings benefits for customers, society, and business. That's why we openly publish our hourly, daily, and monthly revenue on this page. For the same reason, we’ve installed a webcam in our kitchen, so you can check what's going on at Dodo Pizza Oxford right now.

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Oxford, MS, 38655


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